Managing Redirect URLs

What are Redirect URLs and How do we manage them?

Redirect URLs are simply substitute web addresses; they are used to prevent broken links and orphaned web pages in your website.

Broken links are particularly deleterious for your website's Search Engine Optimization; they detract from your search ranking.

Site Avenger helps to prevent broken links by providing automatic and elective tools for managing 301 Redirects (301 Redirect is a permanent change of address)

Site Avenger users may notice when modifying a web page that this message pops up if the page's URL is changed:

Managing Your Redirect URLS

Users may also elect to create their own 301 Redirects, which is useful in some cases to replace old links or pages.  They are also useful in making simplified, catchy, memorable, or foreshortened addresses to link to a longer named web page or news article (aka a blog).

To manage redirects select "ADMINISTRATION" then "REDIRECT URLS" on the Site Avenger Navigation Bar.

Redirect URL Index Page

There are four useful options in the Redirect URL page:  List, Edit, Delete, Add.

Many sites have old redirects to pages and news articles that are no longer in use. We recommend that they are updated to point to valid pages, therefore Admins should periodically review them.

More importantly, users should become familiar with adding New Redirect URLS.

Select New Redirecturl

Add / Edit Redirect URL Page

The New and Edit screens are identical,  the Edit page is shown here as an example for clarity.

Previous URL is the URL Address which is to be redirected

Redirect URL is the New URL Address

Type by default is NULL  see the image below for the "Types" detail

Type ID is only used for News Articles and Ecommerce Products, the value is the ID of the Target object (Redirect URL)

Redirect URL Type

Exact Match - Many Redirects are Exact Word Match  example GOLF redirecting to golf.php.

AvordersProduct - Any Ecommerce product, for example gravel may redirect to crushed-gravel (requires a Product ID number)

NewsArticle - Blogs are news artices are normally reference by the "SLUG" of the title, users may wish to shorten the name.
                   Example  "golf" may redirect to "2012-golf-classic-invitational-fundraiser" (requires the NewsArticle slug or ID number)

RegEx - When the redirect url includes a full path beyond the leading slash then type RegEx may be required and directory separators must be escaped.                           
           Example previous: /some-section\/some-subdirectory\/old-page  redirect: /some-new-page.php    

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