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Coupon Code Enhancement



Coupon codes can now been included as an html link within an email promotion, in a blog or webpage. 

When the customer clicks the link, the browser is redirected the vendor’s site and if a specific web page or section has been specified the browser will land on that page.

The example below demonstrates  a promotion for MEM tea  (shipping is free for five or more MEM teas).




Site Avenger supports two basic types of coupons  (Shipping/Order)  Shipping Coupons permit savings on Total shipping costs only and Order coupons permit savings on process savings on the value of the sale.

In either case the user may specify either quantity or value limitations. Savings can be specified by percentage, explicit value or no charge. 

There are two important changes to the coupon set up and edit page.

1)      The addition of a target redirect page.

2)      A shipping coupon can now be associated with specific products as well as shipping options.

3)      The index view of the coupon page now displays the ‘URL’ which can be copied and embedded in an email, tweet,  web page, news article, or blog.



In this example we have set up a Coupon For MEM Tea (buy 5 or more and ship for free)

Aft the coupon has been set up, the URL is https://www.cardullos.com/coupons/redeem/MEM4FREE


As long as the Coupon is still active and has not expired the customer will be expedited to the MEM Tea category page



The display message confirms that the Coupon has been automatically been added to the shopping cart

The customer will be able to redeem the coupon once the limitations are met.



Options and Recommended enhancements:


For a small additional cost we can support several  useful enhancements.

Abbreviated, enriched URLs.    Improve your product and coupon recognition by simplifying the URL.  The above example could be shortened to  https://www.cardullos.com/ MEM4FREE.

Source, referrer tracking and reporting.  Would you like to know which marketing venue is giving you the best response?  Twitter, email campaigns, blogs?   Saco Design can help by using a new coupon tracking system that will record the source of the coupon response.   We can provide our customers with a concise report that will help you to optimize your sales.

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