Avorders - Adding product-specific disclaimers to Checkout

It's easy to get customized disclaimer messages while a customer checkouts.  If you haven't already done so, you will need to setup the Option for Disclaimers.

Initial Disclaimer Options Setup

You must add a new option type with a name of "Disclaimer" and no parent selected.  You will only have to do this the first time you are adding disclaimer options to Site Avenger checkouts.

After you've added "Disclaimer", you will need to add "Disclaimer - Your Disclaimer" and then select "Disclaimer" as the parent.

The feature of shopping cart disclaimers that people most often ask us about is setting a disclaimer that the customer has to actively accept.  By default, all disclaimers will need to be checked as accepted/understood by the customer.  In those cases where you don't actually want or need the customer to check the box to accept the terms, you'll want to specify a setting of accept:false for the disclaimer.

Associating Disclaimers with Products

Disclaimers are a two-part process.  The first part is setting up the actual disclaimer messages.  This is complete.  Now, in order to assign disclaimers to products, you will have to edit the target product.

Setting Up Shopping Cart Checkout Disclaimers

  1. Go to Product Listing (Orders > View Products)
  2. Select product from list
  3. Go to "Options" tab, scroll to the bottom
  4. Select the disclaimer(s) that apply to the current product
  5. Save / Submit the product updates

Examples Disclaimer Messages During Checkout

Recently, we've created a few versions of disclaimer messages for clients. Here they are:

Shopping Cart Disclaimer With Acceptance Required

Here is a disclaimer that is only a notice.  The customer doesn't need to acknowledge the message.

Disclaimer Message Without Checkbox To Accept

The same disclaimer notice above is shown below with the acceptance checkbox displayed.

Same Disclaimer As Above With Accepts Button Enabled

Most disclaimers are pretty straight-forward.  If you need assistance, please contact support.

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