Using Comments On Your Blog

Turning Comments Off

Comments can be turned off at the Site, Code or Article level.

To turn comments off for a single post, edit the desired article.  Go to the Advanced Tab and set Allow Comments to NO.

To turn off comments for an entire News Code, edit the desired code.  Add the following parameter to the Settings text area: comments: false

To turn off comments at the site level, we have two options: the soft method of defaulting all newly created articles to not allow comments and the hard method of disabling comments entirely.

Soft method: $config['avenger.ArticleDefaultCommentsOff'] = true; (default is false)

Nuclear option: $config['avenger.CommentsOn'] = false; (defaults is false, so comments are off by default)

If you need more control we can develop custom functionality to suit your needs.

Commenting is Allowed for a Specified Time Period

A comment form will be shown using the following logic (each one will overwrite the previous setting, if all are defined):

First, the setting in $config['avenger.CommentExpires'];

Second, the News Code setting for comment_expires: (int) milliseconds

Third, the News Article setting for comment_expires: (int) milliseconds

Want to keep the comments open indefinitely?  Just set the milleseconds setting to a really big number.  A feature will soon be coming to leave comments open.

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