Customizing Super Power Names

Posted on 06/02/2014 at 06:28 pmViewed 4,827 times

We've been working to incorporate as many positive changes into the new Site Avenger interface as possible.  Super Powers are now the primary way of navigating Site Avenger and managing your site.  This post is for developers who are wondering about customizing the name of the new Super Power icons.  It's pretty easy and flexible:

Option 1: Use a value from the config file.

For the super power entry, include a setting for "config_name" and set it equal to the key in your configuration file.  This basically takes the value of Configure::read($config['config_name']) and uses that for the Super Power name on the Super Power control panel.

Option 2: Set the icon_text in the database.

This will be useful if you want to change the text that is output on the left-side control panel, while preserving the Super Power name for the rest of the interface.  This is helpful if you want the icon to show "Articles" while you want the Super Power interface to still read "Articles about Nothing"

Option 3: Set the name in the database.

This is the default name used across the entire Site Avenger installation.

Happy Coding!

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