Custom FedEx Charges

Site Avenger Users can now customize their FedEx shipping rates (when applicable) by using these new tools.

If your ecommerce site is enabled for customizable FedEx shipping rates, you will see this menu option "Shipsettings"

Selecting Shipsettings will redirect the browser to the index of Custom Ship Options



In the index, users have the option of adding a new rule,  editing an existing rule,

or deleting a rule.   Editing a rule is nearly identical to adding a rule so only the

"add menu" will be detailed here.

When adding or editing a Rule select the shipper (Fedex may be the only option).

Select the Service Code  (The drop down lists all available options).

Select the Action "Add" if the rule will be a modification to Existing Vendor Rates.

Select "Global" if the rule will be applied for all locations - Cities, States and Zips.

Use the Active checkbox to Enable or Disable Shipping Rules.  This can be valuable for

maintaining a set of seasonal Rules.

Select the "Realm" of the Rule,  this will be either "state, city, or zipcode"

Select the Identification of the Realm.  This may be the 2 Character State Abbreviation,

the City name (only official names from USPS Records) or Zip Code.

Add a weight value if there is a change to shipping weight (ie adding an Ice Pack).

Add a currency value if there is an additional handling fee requirement for this rule.







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