Customizing User Login Behavior

Configuring User Login Behavior

In many cases a user may wish to have a particular behavior when logging into Site Avenger.

Most Site Avenger Users may desire a particular landing page at log-in for convenience, efficiency or to reduce confusion and mistakes.

These landing pages can be configured in three places with three levels of specificity.

Please note that these settings are not configurable within Site Avenger but are set directly in database itself.

The recommended tool to editing the database is Navicat, but one may also use Toad or native MySql queries.

Caution!!!  Always backup the database before making any edit.

Table: kake_users

The most generic login behavior is set by completing the ‘start_url’ in the users table

Avenger shared 13 – kake_users.

The setting has the least specificity,  if a user has access to multiple sites then the same url

Would be applied to every login for example  /avenger/avorders


Table: kake_groups

The next level of login can be set at the group level.

This has been used most recently for configuring Dashboard users.  

This method can only be used for a particular user if that user belongs to no more than 1 group


Table: kake_avclients_sites_users

The highest “specificity” is accomplish by configuring the start_url in the sites/users  Join Table.

This is the preferable place to make a login setting, configurations in this join table have the highest precedence.   Configuring a user in the sites/users table are preferred because a user who has access to multiple websites can have customized logins for each site.

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