Did You Know

The ESC key will exit out of any dialog window

A quick tip: if you have clicked to edit something and a "pop up" window has covered the page, you can easily cancel and close the dialog window by pressing the ESC (escape) key.

Using Spellcheck within HTML Editor

Whenever you are editing anything in Site Avenger, you are inevitably going to use the Site Avenger HTML editor (TinyMCE).  When you misspell a word in most browsers, you will see the customary Microsoft Word red squiggly line under any misspelled words.  Usually, you can right click on the squiggled word and choose from the suggested corrections.  You can still do this in Site Avenger's editor, you just need to hold down the CTRL key while you right-click the squiggled text.

Access Spelling Suggestions:
hold the CTRL key when you right-click on a misspelling

To see and select spelling suggestions from your browser, you will need to hold down the CTRL key while you right-click on the misspelled word.

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