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Avenger Directory Management Updates


Saco Design is pleased to announce that we have updated the Site Avenger user interface for managing some of the most important and frequently used features of the Directory.

We have consolidated all of the elements required to add an ITEM1 to a single menu.

This includes contact information and addresses, as well as files and images.

Access the menu as before from the  Avdirectories “Items” selection.

Adding and Editing an Item are similar so only the Add function  is shown here.

Basic Tab:

Tabbed pages include Basic, Services, Images, Contacts, Addresses and Files.

The content of each tab has been simplified to show only those elements necessary for the user.

In this case we see User ID, Username, Full name, Nick Name , Other Name and Status.

These options can be changed easily; contact info@sacodesign.com to request updates.


  1. An ITEM is a business, person, organization or facility.

The Services Tab: 

Has not changed, Although Site Avenger users may notice that the content of this page is customized  for each client’s need.


Images Tab:

As before, the user must first Save the New Item before images and attached files or documents can be uploaded


Contacts Tab:

The contacts panel or tab has been greatly simplified

All of the contact media are now displayed on a single page.  Again the content of this tab is configured, customized for the user’s application and need.


Addresses Tab:

Once again we are pleased with the new user interface for addresses and locations

When first accessing the page, there will be no addresses. Select “Add New”

The new customized popup menu will let the user quickly complete the new address information.

Click “Save Changes” to Add the address.

The address will now show on in tabular form.

One can add multiple addresses if necessary

Select Save or Apply to Complete the Entry.


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