Form Administration Settings and Configuration

Form Administration Settings and Configuration


Site Avenger Forms have evolved significantly during the past year.  Its capability and features have grown and also the complexity of configuration.

Site Avenger forms are configured in two separate places, in the site configuration and in the form setup.

This document briefly describes the settings and options.


Form Admin Additional Settings

In the site config. /avenger/sacodesign/config/sites/sitetheme.php


 * FORM WIZARD SETTINGS - for creating on-page user-created forms


$config['avenger.FormAllowDatasource'] = array('remote/alternate-site-name');    

//ability to specify alternative datasource for this form


$config['avenger.FormDashboardIds'] = array(1,2,3,…); 

//list of the FORM IDs that will be included in Dashboard.


$config['avenger.FormDefaultStatus'] = array('leftmessage' => 'Called - Left Message', 'noanswer' => 'Called - No Answer', 'callback' => 'Needs Call Back', 'email' => 'Emailed', 'scheduled' => 'Scheduled', 'complete' => 'Complete', 'cancel' => 'Cancelled', 'nointerest' => 'Not Interested');

//list of the status options that will be displayed in the drop down list.


Form Basics.

To create a new form select “Site Management” then select “Forms/Surveys” then select “Listing”

Shown below is the complete menu.  Experience users can bypass the full menu and go directly to “New Form”

Import commands in the full menu are:

“Search” – “Search will chronologically list all respondents to the form/survey or will allow one to word search the respondents

“Edit” – Allow user to edit and modify the form

“New Form” – Create a new form


Creating the new form  - General Tab


Give your form a Name

Select the form type (Contact, Poll, Survey, Two-Stage)

Most forms will be Contact forms or Surveys

If the form is a Survey note that “Slug” and Survey Routes will be enabled (see Admin Tab)

Enable Form:  set Form is Open -> True

Form Public:  set form Public to be enabled for input

Intro Text  - Call for action message to the Web Users

Confirmation Text – Response to Web Users (Thanks we’ll get back to you)



Email Tab


Email Tab contains setting specific to the email processing,  whether or not emails are sent, who they are sent to and what response to you give to your client.

Note that all responses will be saved and viewable in Site Avenger,  the email can be useful when you (the user) is away from your office.

Essential comments are inserted in the image below, Please take a moment to study it.




SMS/Texting Tab


SMS Texting functionality was added in 2011.  Contact responses can also be echoed in SMS form to a mobile device.

Enter the phone number and Carrier.  Identifying the carrier is required for SMS messaging.







Admin Tab


The Admin tab contains some of the most important configuration settings for the form.

And note, once the form is created, it can be edited or modified all settings will be combined under the

Admin Option.

On the admin page, one can specify the slug for accessing a survey.

By default one would probably wish to save the results in the database.  Data can always be managed if it is saved, but it cannot be of use if it has not been stored.

The developer can specify a page to “Cloak” the form from a drop-down list of existing pages, alternately the cloaking can be manually set up, refer to the developers guide for creating cloaked pages.


Additional Settings Field


Additional settings provide much flexibility for customizing the form.  There are many unique options for an individual form that can be set in this field some are displayed the following image.

Remaining options are described below.





id:expressForm :   This is the #id of the form for CSS styling purposes

genericError:* required  : This is the tag that will be displayed on “Required” fields

errorOverview: Unable to submit form. Please complete required fields. : This is the popup message that web users will see if they do not answer a required field.

fax:1  :  The SMS style message can be sent to a FAX number

display_fields:40,41,42,43 :  The option allows a developer to select specific questions from a long list of pre-existing questions.  This can happen on older forms that have undergone revisions over time.

workflow:true :  NEW,  this setting enables workflow management, it will display a “Status Drop Down Menu”  The listed options from the site config file 'avenger.FormDefaultStatus'

default_period:today : NEW,  if not set the Dashboard will display the most recent week’s responses


dashboard-reload-time:90000 : NEW, a refresh time in milliseconds for refreshing the page.  If not set the User must refresh the browser to view instantaneous updates.

replyTo:sender :  If set, the reply to address will be taken from the email address that the Web User provided.  If not set the default reply to address is the same as the send to address



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