Forms Dashboard in Site Avenger

Viewing, Printing and Exporting Submissions

You are able to retrieve, review, and edit form submissions, requests for contact, on-line applications, and on-line order forms using your Site Avenger login.

You can sort, select and view form entries and submissions by predefined periods (today, last week, this month, etc.) or by specific calendar start and end date ranges.

A selected item entry can easily be viewed; select the "View" link by the requested form entry.

With a single click, a client may now edit any form submission; tag or mark it as completed, cancelled, or other options from a drop down menu under "Change Status."

There are two free form text blocks where one may make public and private (internal) notes.

Finally, form responses can now be exported to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the "Export to Excel" button located in the "Select Report Format" section under "Request for Contact."

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