Introduction to Superpowers

Intro to Site Avenger Superpowers

In the spring of 2013 Saco Design released “Superpowers”, an enhanced, simplified, and powerful new set of custom tools for Site Avenger users.  We are certain that you will find Superpowers to be just that, a faster and simpler set of tools designed with you, our customer in mind.

Even so, we realize that the introduction of Superpowers may cause some confusion among experienced Site Avenger users so we have created this guide to help smooth the transition.



Site Avenger access to your website is unchanged, simply append /avenger to your site’s URL to gain access to the login portal as before,  and of course if you experience trouble please do not hesitate to contact us, the best way to reach us is

After logging in, you may find that your menu options have changed.


Not what you were expecting to see? Don’t panic.


Click the orange icon below to view the original menu bar.   Click it when it is greyed to re-hide the menu bar.


If you cannot find or do not seem to have access to a tool that you have used in the past,  you may reinstate the legacy menus  by simply clicking the “old interface” link below.

Once again if you experience difficulty accessing a tool or function that you have used in the past please do not hesitate to contact us  We can most likely get the issue resolved in minutes.


Superpower Manuals:

Product Management 

Promo Management 

News Articles and Blog Management 

Photo and Image Gallery Management 

Webpage Management

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