File Management

Adding a Document Library to a Web Page

Site Avenger usese DocZones to add files to web pages.  By using a DocZone, you are able to upload mulitple documents at once, control how documents are presented to your users, while also being able to access the documents by direct-link access.  This tutorial will guide you through the basic process of managing DocZones on your website.

How Do Customers Browse DocZones?

DocZone Blocks on Any Web Page

DocZone Listings

Site Avenger DocZone Listing - Easy File Presentation to CustomersThis is a DocZone listing.  It can look just like a DocZone block on any page, or it can look different.  Also, different DocZones can have different layouts and styling.  If you need something customized, just ask.  This is a simple presentation, the way documents would be presented without any further input from you. 

Site Avenger DocZone Listing - With Advanced FormattingThis is the same DocZone listing as above, except document names have now been specified.  This looks much better.  You can specify a name for each file and you can choose how you would like documents sorted.  The hover style is something you would choose during your website setup.  You can contact us at anytime to change your template, colors, styles, etc.

Creating a DocZone

Uploading Documents to DocZone

To add files to a DocZone, click on the Add Files tab.  You will be presented with a split-pane window where you can select files to upload and see the progress of current uploads.

When uploading files, it is important to note that during the upload process, your filename may not look exactly as it did prior to you uploading the file.  This is intentional and neccessary to allow files to work predictably on a web page.

Customizing Document Presentation

You can customize many aspects of the documents presentation.  Settings specific to files/documents will be performed on the File Listing tab of the DocZone area.  Settings that apply to the whole DocZone (ordering, description text, etc.) can be modifed on the Edit DocZone tab. 

Document Settings

  • Rename a document uploaded using Site Avenger DocZonesChange the displayed link text: the text that is shown for the active link of a file can be customized.  By default, the name of the file is used*.  If you click to edit a document, you will then see you can specify a new name.

* Remember, the filename may change as part of the upload process.

Removing and/or Deleting Uploaded Files

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