News Code Settings

Available Settings for News Codes

image false

Setting to true will show a tab for Image on the article add/edit screen.  This only allows a single image to be uploaded.

This is legacy functionality.  Do not use both image and gallery.  Recommendation: use gallery.
gallery false

Setting to true will present the user with the standard Site Avenger image gallery tab (called photos in this case).  This allows the user to add/edit/delete images within the add/edit article screen.

Recommended approach for images in articles.
autotagimages conditional

Prerequisites: tags:true; gallery:true; $config['avenger.tagging.Image'] = true;

Will present a checkbox asking the user if they would like to apply the current article tags to all images associated with the article (via the photos tab)

This setting is article specific.

This is handy if you want all images added to an article to assume the tags of the article (this saves the user from having to open each image and checking off the appropriate tags)

NOTE: to have tags in addition to the article tags, you'll need to uncheck this box for the article. 

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