Promo Homepage Slider

Promo Homepage Slider Block Settings

Default Element: promo-homepage-slider.ctp

class carouselHolder

If random is set to true then carouselSingle will be set as the class

<div class="carouselHolder"> or <div class="carouselSingle">
show_navigation true


Shows each promo instance as an li.  Displays a block when true.

show_numbers false


Displays on when show_navigation is set to true.  Displays a number that is generated in the block. 

show_overlay true


Displays the overlay over the promo image when set to true.

show_buttons true


Displays the Forward and Back buttons when set to true.

overlay_image true


Will output an overlay image before the text of the overlay (show_overlay must be true)

text true


Displays the promo headline text

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