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Galleries are collections of related images, photos and graphics.  It may be any collection of product photos,  associate business logos, or an image carousel.



The Superpowers Galleries Module

Superpowers speeds your access to the functions that you are most likely to use for managing galleries.  Adding a Gallery, Editing a Gallery and Deleting a Gallery.  The “Edit” and “Delete” links are dynamically displayed when your mouse hovers on them.


Adding Galleries

Name: Of course your new gallery should have a name. 

Grouping: Then it can have a optional grouping.  A grouping is a Category (Projects, Sports, etc) for sorting, viewing and highlighting the images.  The Category should also be an SEO relevant term in order to improve your website's search engine ranking.

Active: Enable or disable a gallery by setting it to Active/Inactive.

Password:  Add additional security for protecting your gallery in the case of multi-user environment.

Public:  Make images accessible to the public by URL address or make them only viewable interanally in Site Avenger.

Description:  Optional description of the image, photo, graphic collection.


Editing Galleries

Having added the gallery the site avenger user will need to edit the gallery to upload and manage the photos, images or graphics. 

Menu Options include

Switch gallery:    Select from the drop down list of the sites Galleries.

View As:  (List, Small, Medium, Large).  Change the Gallery Presentation in Avenger.

Images: (Add, List). 

            List - List the current gallery images.

            Add - Upload a new image.

Current Gallery: (Done, Edit, Empty, Delete, Add New)

            Done - Finished, dismiss editor

            Edit - Edit the active Gallery

            Empty - Purge the contents of the active Gallery

            Delete - Delete the active Gallery

            Add New - Create a new Gallery

Note also that each image change be edited.  The image may be cropped to size, it can be rotated, deleted or further edited,  adding a title, description, disabled or re-sorted.

Delete Gallery

Same of other typical instance.  Note please that Saco Design suggests that Galleries are not deleted if it is not necessary.

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