Tagging Content

Site Avenger has a robust content tagging system built-in.  The beauty of tagging is the ability to have a non-structured information architecture.  What does this mean to you?  You have the power to create an infinite number of relationships.  So, as your Mother always told you, with great power, comes great responsibility.  Kidding... sort of.  

Displaying Related Articles in Your Blog

It's easy to display related articles within your blog.  You can enable related posts at the code level (for your entire blog) or at the article/post level. To enable related content, is easy:

Turn On Related Content

For the entire blog, etc.:

  1. Go to Administration > News Codes
  2. Select the code that you want to turn on related content
  3. Go to the General tab
  4. Add the following text into the settings: related:1

For a single article or post:

  1. Select an article from the Site Management menu or article listing
  2. Click to edit the article or post
  3. Go to the Advanced tab
  4. Add the following text into the settings: related:1

Setup the Related Content Element

The related content is output using an element.  This makes it easier for you to theme just the related content block while continuing to use the core NewsArticles views.

The element is located in: avenger/views/elements/news_articles/related.ctp

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