Tiny MCE Editor Usage

TinyMCE is the WYSIWIG Editor that we use in Site Avenger.  It is an opensource and is the most commonly used in web design.

As you can see the new TinyMCE consists of the Menu Bar at the top, the Button Bar in the middle, and the actual copy that is being input or edited at the moment.  First off we will go over the menu bar.

In the Edit menu dropdown you will find the Undo and Redo button which are duplicated on the Button menu as well as the standard Cut, Copy, and Paste options which are not duplicated on the menu button.  This menu also offers you the non-standard Paste as Text option which strips any copied text you have of formatting.  You also have the Select All function and the powerful Find and replace functionality.  Find and replace, when clicked on, will allow you to search and/or replace that text throughout the current content area you are editing.

Now we will check out the insert dropdown menu.

The insert menu allows you to insert a link, an image, and a horizontal line.  All of these functions are duplicated below in the buttons menu as well.

Next up is the Format Menu.

The format menu includes the Bold, Italic, and Underline commands, all of which are also replicated in the Button Menu.  It also adds less commonly used functionality such as the Strikethrough, Superscript, and Subscript formatting commands.  You can also access the Formats options here which is replicated on the Buttons menu.  You also have access to the powerful Clear Formatting command here which will wipe out all of your current formatting in your content.

After this is the View Menu.

The View Menu allows you to remove Visual Aids.  These visual aids show things such as table alignment and page breaks.  Unchecking this menu item doesn't remove items it only disables the visual guides that show you their layout.  You also have the visibility option of taking your content to full screen in the editor.  This allows you to work on your current content in the entire monitor area that is available to you.

Last but not least of the menus is the Table Menu.

The table menu allows you to insert new tables up to ten columns wide and ten columns high.  You can add to or remove from the rows after you insert the table with the row drop down menu item.  You can also add or remove columns by using the column drop down menu item.  You can merge or split cells using the cell command and work with all the properties of the table using this menu as well.

Lets move on to the buttons menu.  We will go over them, left to right, with the assosciated Icons.

  •   Fullscreen - Make the current editor enlarge to the width and height of the monitor.
  • Code - This opens a popup window displaying the pure code of your content.  You can achieve the same functionality by hitting the "Turn Editor Off" Button without the popup window.
  • Undo - This will undo your previous action.
  • Redo - This will redo your previous action.
  • Formats - This will provide a dropdown where you can select any special formatting rules you have.
  • Paragraph - This will show you a dropdown of all the standard styles you have available.
  • Horizonal Line - This will insert a horizontal line.
  • Bold - This will make your text bold.
  • Italics - This will make your text italics.
  • Underline - This will underline your text.
  • Left Align - This will left align your content.
  • Center Align - This will center your content.
  • Right Align - This will right aling your content.
  • Standard List - This will give you a standard list.
  • Numbered List - This will give you a numbered list.
  • Insert a Link - This will allow you to enter a link.
  • Insert an Image - Use this to add an image to your content.
  • Preview - Pops up a preview of the current page, block, or blog that you are editing.
  • Turn Editor Off - This turns the editor off showing you only the HTML code behind it.  A link will appear in the upper right in orange where you can enable the editor again.
  • Get Help - This links back to this page.
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