Top Nav Content Blocks


Here is a screen shot of selecting the Top/Universial Navigationcen content block type:

Top Nav Block Settings

Default Element: top-nav.ctp

class top-nav

any string will be placed in class attribute

to disable, specify false or an empty string ''

<div class="top-nav">
id null any string: string will become the id of the div  
style conditional

any valid CSS style string

to disable, set to false or an empty string ''

If an id is explicitly set, the default style is null

Otherwise, if the block is positioned in the bottom block position, the default style is 'float: left; width: 100%' to accomodate legacy environments

divwrap false


Setting divwrap to false will prevent the top-nav from being wrapped in a div

showhome true


This setting controls whether or not the section homepage is displayed as a sub-link of its section

If true, there will be two links to the section homepage: 1 via the section link, 1 via the web page link.  Sometimes this is confusing, sometimes it's the desired effect.

depth -1


The level of children to show on a navigation menu.

-1 shows no children

0 shows first level children

1 shows first and second children, and so forth.

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