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We are happy to introduce powerful new tools in Order Processing.  The ability to view, edit and change existing orders has been improved and expanded significantly.  We will detail and review the new menus and options in this guide.

If your questions are not explained in this guide or for more information please feel free to contact us at helpdesk@sacodesign.com.

Order Listing

The Order listing has been changed in recent months. The new feature(s) pertinant to this guide are found in the actions list.

Users will now see that the list of Actions are slightly different for Credit Card Purchase with reference to all other transaction types.

The Refund/Credit action is present only with Credit Card transactions, this is because only Credit Card refunds are handled through the Authorize.Net Gateway.

View Order

Order processing tasks have been consolidated.  There is not longer an Edit Order page, those tasks have been split between Change Orders and the View Order action.

Tasks that remain in View Order are the ability to change the status of an order, update the delivery information and add internal notes.

Order Details Tab

The Order Details tab is unchanged, it provides the Customer Information, order totals and the shopping cart content.

Order Payment Tab

The Payment tab includes action items that can be modified. Note that these settings do not effect the financial transaction.

Order Status:  Order status can be updated from a select list.  The options on the list are unique for each client, let us know if you want customized options.

Fraud Watch:  Users can flag a suspect transaction.

Delivery Date: Users can record the delivery date and even change the requested delivery date in the even circumstances change.

Tracking Number: Finally, most shippers provide the ability to track a shipment reference by a tracking number which can be entered here.


Order Notes Tab

Order notes are a free text area where Site Avenger Users can enter any relevant information about an order.

Order Transactions Tab

Saco Design has worked to improve transaction record keeping.  Starting in April 2013 we record all Credit Card as well as Non-Gateway transactions.  The can help our clients with their customer support activities.


Credit Card refunds require special handling. Site Avenger handles the complexity for you.  The Refund page requires two pieces of information.

The Refund Amount:  The default value in the refund amount input will be the remaining full balance, update with any value up to the displayed amount.

The Reason for the Refund/Credit: Some response is required for this input.


Some Site Avenger users may find the pop up Keypad a useful new feature for inserting the refund amount.

Change Order

The most significant changes are in the Change Order action.

Upon selecting "Change Order" from the action menu, Site Avenger will locate the most recent order information, then load the shopping cart.

The menus and views are similar to standard shopping checkout screens.

From this cart view the user can increase or decrease the item count and load a coupon.  Update the cart to see the changes.


Adding products is similar to standard shopping cart functions with the exception that the Delivery Zone and Zone Prices (if any) are already populated from record of the order. Note that the billing and shipping information can also be changed if required.


Menu options for change orders allow all actions that are found in new orders.

Add Products :  Add as many as are required.

Show Cart : Reload the View Cart Page

Billing Information : View or Change the Billing Address

Delivery Address : View or Change the Delivery Address and directions

Checkout : Complete the sale.

Page Tabs include:

Order Information: The Current Order

Original Order:  Actually the last state of the order if the order has been updated more than once.

Customer Information: Billing and Shipping Address.

Transaction History: Sequential list of Gateway and Non-gateway transactions.

Add Product

Adding products invoke the same familiar menus and programming as used when creating a new order.
Store admins can change the quantity of a specific item, add new items and remove items from the cart (remove items by setting the quantity to zero. What the change order form now does differently is permitting Store admins to reduce the number of items such that the total price of the order is less than an authorized amount then process refunds if appropriate.  Before this release it would have been necessary to cancel an order and create a new one.

When finished making changes select Checkout


Because the Billing and Shipping information is already complete, the browser jumps directly to the payment page.   The payment page now reflects the order changes and correct balance due.  The user can revisit any step in the process,  make further changes to the cart, change the billing information, or change the shipping information by clicking the appropriate link on the checkout navigation menu.



 Complete Order

In order to capture as many sales as possible, we wish to give the on-line customer every possible opportunity to complete a sale.  On-line customers may for a variety of reasons abandon a shopping cart.  Some may do so willingly, balk at finishing a sale. But others may leave their shopping cart due to other external factors such as loosing their internet connection or being interrupted by other pressing matters.  We have now added the ability for a Store Admin to help a customer to complete a sale if they call for customer support.



Select Complete from the Action list and the order will be reopened into the cart.  We cannot state in this article how far the customer had gotten into the checkout process. It will be apparent when the Store Admin opens the cart.  If the customer had completed billing and shipping information, that information will be available, otherwise, it will have to be completed.

The process will again be similar if not identical to the steps for processing a new order.



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