Web Page Photo Galleries

It's easy to add a photo gallery to any web page.  This is convenient if you want to add a bunch of images to a web page, without using blocks.


    • $config['avenger.webpage.hasManyImage'] needs to be set to true (In the site config file: config/sites/sitename.php)
    • WebPage.settings must exist (The web pages database table needs to have a settings column)

Placement of Gallery

You can choose to place the on-page photo gallery before the copy of the web page is output, or after the content is output.  The default position is before, because this allows you to have the photo gallery first or floated down the left or right side bar.  If you want the photos to appear after the web page copy, you'll have to change the setting to after.

There are two ways to set the placement of the gallery, using the universal/default placement and/or overriding this setting with a per-page setting

  • $config['avenger.webpage.galleryPositionDefault'] can be set to 'before' or 'after'
  • Using the advanced settings textarea:

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